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Lawyer Management Information System (Upesi LMIS)

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Lawyer Management Information System

Lawyer Management Information System (Upesi LMIS)

A system for managing a law firm to better attend to clients and better organize priorities.

Key Features;

  1. Case Management> Sit back and relax as you can manage case information, stages, court details as well as all information needed before, during and after trial.
  2. CRM system> Manage client information and contact management, update clients on case stages through automatic SMS and emails to clients.
  3. Calendar> Organize your legal calender where you will get an automated reminder/smart alerts of meetings and not risk missing out on important work that needs to be done.
  4. Billing> Personalized billing with logo and bank details, raise bills, issue receipts, and provides outstanding dues.
  5. Documentation> Safe and secure storage of documents related to each case. Easy access through the mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  6. Multi-User Log in> Admin can create users based on their roles and fix the access per role before so each user can log in and have visibility of information they have access to.