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Hospital and clinic management system

Through our continuous application of human-centered design as well as a local pool of software engineers we can deliver highly practical and customizable software solutions that fit your healthcare business and anticipate your needs for tomorrow.

“We believe that our software should and must be solutions: lending a helping hand to the complex and arduous work of healthcare operations.”

  1. Upesi IHMS PRO>The  Integrated Hospital Management System is a fully-fledged hospital operations management solution that gives you access to a comprehensive suite of modules. They cover all departments and business functions across the hospital.
  2. Upesi Ora> This is a medical practice management system targeted at small private practices that are mainly outpatient. With the capabilities of our IHMS, it is focused on the specific modules needed to run a private practice or a Medical consultancy suite
  3. Upesi Mtaani> Focused on outreach programs for healthcare projects e.g vaccinations/ blood donations, malaria drives, field clinical officers and midwives, etc, rapid patient registration, etc.
  4. Upesi Tele Doc (WIP) > This provides a platform for medical practitioners to deliver convenient virtual care to patients from the comfort of their homes.