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E-commerce Sales System

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E-commerce Sales System

E-commerce Sales System

An eCommerce system on your website will help reduce operational costs while meeting the needs of your target customer base.

Key Features;

  1. Easy to Use and Secure Shopping Cart with express check-out option. Secured Method of Payment.
  2. Customer Relationship Management System. This enables customers to have individual accounts to monitor activity. It also assists with cross-selling and issue resolution.
  3. Efficient Product Management. This includes a product list export option to adjust price/stock then import back.
  4. Stock Control and Warehouse Management System. This helps maintain and update stock inventory in real-time.
  5. Reporting. Useful to track the performance of various processes including sales, customer service, stock, marketing, financials, and purchasing.
  6. Financial Integration. Real-time update on sales, payments, and credit data.